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Testimonials (Continued)

Very thorough exams, virtually pain free extractions and prompt courteous appointments.  Dr. Reese is personal and follows up with a personal phone call to make sure all is well.  Prescribed pain medications that assured no discomfort at home.  Very professional work that looks natural and not run of the mill.  I will definitely recommend this full dentistry office to all my family and friends. Comprehensive communication from the receptionists as well.   

Clyde D 9/6/17

They are always very professional, but also very caring. Dr. Reese makes sure you are comfortable during a procedure. He also called later in the evening to make sure I was okay after having my tooth pulled.

Judith H, Plainfield

I wanted to take the opportunity to send a note of thanks to you for the wonderful care I received during my several visits to your office. I am one of those people that was terrified of dental work. I had some horrible experiences in the past which kept me from seeking dental care for several years. Unfortunately my teeth and gums paid the price and I ended up needing extensive dental work. When I couldn’t take the pain any more, I got on the Internet and found your website. From the first phone call I could tell that your staff truly cared about my health and well being. Every employee that I had any interaction with was above and beyond welcoming and caring. I was very embarrassed that I let my mouth get into that horrible condition, but you were comforting and never once made me feel bad. You and your entire staff just concentrated on getting my mouth healthy again. And I want to specifically thank Rachel and Cindy. They are both very special people and I can’t thank them enough for their special kindness. Thank you for taking great care of me and for having an awesome staff!

-Jule B.

Dr. Reese, You always hear when a patient has a bad experience, so I wanted to make sure you hear when one has an outstanding experience. From my first phone call to my recent surgery, I have been handled with dignity and respect and also a little humor too. I just want to let you and your staff know the extra effort is noticed and appreciated. Thank you very much!

-Julie S.


Thank you for the best dentist visit I ever had in my life.

-Laurence D.

“As a physician,I know how important good dental health is but I still avoided the dentist at all costs! I had such bad dental experiences in the past that I had become a severe dental phobic. Finally it got to the point where years of dental neglect needed to be addressed so a good friend of mine suggested Dr. Reese. I reluctantly contacted his office, expecting to be chastised for my poor dental care and made to feel silly for my fear of dental pain. How wrong I was!! Dr. Reese and his staff were very understanding, supportive and genuinely concerned about my dental experiences and health. Dr. Reese formulated a plan of action that suited my individual preferences; at no time was I made to feel self-conscious about my past dental neglect. Today, after multiple dental procedures which were virtually pain-free, I am so happy and proud of my dental health and new smile. I wish I would have done this work with Dr. Reese years sooner! I have not hesitated to refer my family, friends and colleagues to him for dental care.”


“I have been with Dr. Ted Reese since he took over my original dentist business. He always is on the cutting edge of technology and his office never feels like a dentist office. With all the perks my favorite is the warm blanket. I enjoy all the staff, my dental hygienist is the greatest person I have ever had to do my teeth.

I still remember the button Dr. Ted Reese and his staff used to wear, “We cater to cowards.” That’s me, the coward.

It’s not so much the procedure, it’s the needle and maybe the noise. I don’t like needles and want nothing to do with them. It is actually a relief to know I don’t have to face the dreaded needle when I need dental work.

In 2009 I broke a tooth and needed an implant; with anyone else I would have dreaded the thought of someone drilling into my jawbone to put a screw in for a tooth. I know that Dr. Ted Reese would make sure my jawbone could handle the screw and there would be no pain. He explained everything to me and why this broken tooth had to repair with an implant. The procedure left me with no swelling, no bruising, and a screw with a tooth.

I recommend him to all my cowardly friends and acquaintances (whether they admit it or not) because I don’t think anyone should be afraid of the dentist.”


“I came to Ted Reese’s office over 8 years ago after putting off going to the dentist for quite some time. I was not a big fan of visiting a dentist and it showed.

I’m the kind of guy who grabs the arm of the dental chair so hard my fingers turn white. I used to feel sorry for the nurse that cleaned my teeth because she would have to pry my mouth open and hope I didn’t bite her fingers in the process.

To say I needed to see a dentist would be an understatement. My dental health was pretty bad. Dr. Reese and his staff were very reassuring. They didn’t lecture me on my lack of hygiene or make me feel bad about the shape I was in. I warned them that I was allergic to pain and Dr. Reese gave me options to make my visit pain free. Everyone at his office – from the receptionist to the hygienist – always meets me with a smile and asks about my family. His staff creates an environment that lets you know they not only care about your dental well being, but they genuinely care about you.

Over the years, Dr. Reese has educated me on taking good care of my teeth and how my oral hygiene affects my overall health. I did a little research before choosing Dr. Reese and found his dedication to dentistry very impressive. It’s rare to find a practitioner with his credentials. He strives to be the best in his field with continuing education and use of the latest dental technology. I had to have a crown made and Dr. Reese took the time to show me how he lays out the design on a computer then let me watch an amazing machine that takes the information he inputs and fashions a crown in a matter of minutes.

My mouth is now in great shape, thanks to Dr. Reese and his “gentle” hygienists. Now I look forward to my visits to the dentist. To date, his hygienists still have all their fingers! Not only did I find a great dentist, but I have made some really good friends in the process.”


“I grew up in an orphanage in the 50’s. Going to the dentist was for rich people and it wasn’t on the orphanage’s priority list. Needless to say, when I reached adulthood I had some of my teeth pulled. They didn’t restore or fix teeth, they pulled them and drilled without a numbing medicine sometimes. Needless to say I was scared to death to go to the dentist.

I moved to Greenwood about 13 years ago and after much nervousness I sought out a dentist. I really dreaded finding a dentist because as an adult I was really afraid of dentists and embarrassed in the shape of my teeth and I knew my stomach was going to be sick. I just knew the hygienist and dentist would be rolling their eyes or something behind me.

When my appointment came (after throwing up) I went to meet my new dentist. I saw the hygienist first and she began doing x-rays and then cleaning. Then came the Big Guy. He and his helper started reading off the numbers on each tooth and each time he missed a tooth I would sink deeper into the chair. Next came the Dr. Patient talk. I just knew he was going to try to talk me into something I couldn’t afford. Well, it wasn’t that way at all. Dr. Reese began to tell me what needed to be done starting with the immediate work and options for other work in the future when we could afford it.

Dr. Reese is kind, gentle, and didn’t make me feel ashamed or awkward. It was obvious that he was interested in me and my needs.

Over the years I have had some of the extra things done that he suggested and I have never been disappointed in his work. It has been amazing to see what he has done with what he had to work with. The total office atmosphere is clean, neat and the equipment is state-of-the-art.

I like the logo on the stationery and cards used now by Dr. Reese’s office and it is so appropriate for his office: Calming Fears…Creating Smiles. Thank you, Dr. Reese, for your service over these years.”


“I had been thinking about a tooth implant for a while and finally decided to go for it. My Mom recommended Dr.Reese. She had an implant over twenty years ago. I’m so glad I chose to go ahead & that I chose Dr. Reese. All went well and I received excellent care. Dr. Reese and his staff are great! It wasn’t painful and far easier on me than I imagined. I’m very pleased.”


“Three and a half months ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed at Indianapolis Dentistry by Dr. Ted Reese. Going into the surgery, I had full confidence in Dr. Reese’s ability to perform the surgical procedure both effectively and quickly. I was not disappointed! The procedure was very quick and painless!

Over the next few days, I took the prescribed pain relievers and kept the ice packs on (as directed by Dr. Reese and his Staff) which produced a minimal amount of swelling in my face and I was off the pain killers in only three days! The skill and professionalism from Indianapolis Dentistry gave me assurance that I would be taken care of throughout my procedure and recovery.”

– Chris M.

“My name is Judy. I am 63 years old.

All of my life I have disliked my teeth. My teeth were not pretty…they had a large gap in the center. And because of that, I have kept my mouth closed. I’ve always been self-conscious around the camera, not wanting anyone to snap that photo that might show my teeth. My daughter has always said that I actually look ‘mad’ in photos, because I don’t smile.

Instead of ‘fixing’ a tooth when it would become a problem I would always have it pulled out instead. Over the past few years I had more bad teeth than good teeth. I started to think about having all my teeth pulled. I could then have the beautiful teeth I’ve always wanted (in denture form).

My first thought was the fear of not being able to eat foods I’ve always loved to eat. I then decided that was a silly thought. I was not going to let that stop me…I may need to eat things differently is all. What was important to me was that I wanted beautiful teeth.

That is just what Dr. Ted Reese and his staff have given to me…something I have wanted my whole life…beautiful teeth and a confident smile.

I have been so pleased with Dr. Reese and his staff. I am so glad that I chose to finally have this done. My teeth are so beautiful. Every day has been something new and exciting.

I thank God everyday for my beautiful smile. And I thank Him for introducing me to Dr. Ted Reese and his staff.

Sincerely (and with a BIG SMILE)”

– Judy

“Everything about being a patient of Dr. Reese is positive.  The office is easy to find, parking is literally right beside the building which is nice if it’s bad weather, the waiting room is fabulously designed and comfortable with Wi-Fi available if you need to bring your laptop to check your email or do some work.  Good quality coffee!

The office staff is just exceptional – from the appointment desk to the dental hygienists, every single employee is pleasant and thoughtful.  I actually feel pampered when I go there.  The place just has a nice atmosphere.  I highly recommend Dr. Reese for all of your dental needs.  His professionalism, vast experience and expertise set him apart.  No need to shop any further for a dentist.  Dr. Ted Reese is the real deal.”

-Cynthia H.

“Dr. Reese has fixed four of my teeth using various methods. The staff are friendly and helpful. The office is always professional and the dental work is sound after several years.”

-Ben N.

“Dr. Reese did an excellent job on my veneers. The entire process was simple and efficient. I’m very proud of my smile now, and I would recommend Dr. Reese to anyone.”

-George K.

I had a crown that became cracked and needed attention. I am relatively new at Dr. Reese’s office and needed nothing but regular teeth cleaning done until now. I was used to crown-replacement being a 2-part process and taking about 2 weeks to complete. I was very happy with getting my new crown in only one appointment! I was treated with “kid gloves” and made very comfortable during every step of the procedure. I was also impressed with the finished product and this new crown feels much more substantial than the some others I had received at other offices. If you are considering a visit to Dr. Reese, don’t hesitate. You will be very happy with him, his office staff and the services offered!

-Mary Beth A.

For years Dr. Reese has been telling me root canals are painless, but I always thought they were the worst pain on earth. Then I finally had to have one. Dr. Reese was right. Mine was totally painless! He and his staff did everything they could to relax me before and during the procedure. I’ve been going to Dr. Reese for over 20 years and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Everyone here is competent and caring. I highly recommend them, especially for dental “ninnies” like me. Thanks again for the totally painless procedure!

-Cinda B.


I have been a patient of Dr Reese since 1987, and have always received excellent dental care. The office is run very efficiently and I have never waited longer then 10 minutes from my arrival to being taken back to the treatment rooms. The staff has always been friendly and the care is excellent.

Brenda F, Indianapolis

Dr. Reese and his staff are outstanding! My 5 year old needed some work done on a few cavities and was scared to get it done. We saw a few dentists in Lafayette that were not willing to work with her on her fears. I found Dr. Reese through google and after a few email conversations with Heather, I decided to give this office a try. I am so glad that I did! Dr. Reese’s “chair-side” manner is just excellent! He was so good and gentle with her. Our experience was excellent and I highly recommend him and his staff!

Casserly, R, Brookston

Dr. Reese’s staff are some of the best in the business. They are always courteous, helpful, professional and very friendly. They make me feel that we have been friends for a long time. They are very concerned with the health of the patient’s teeth and gums and take great care in whatever process is needed while trying to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing a dentist.

Aaron D, Brownsburg

Upon entrance to the office I was impressed with the warmth and beauty of the reception room. Very inviting and friendly. Checking in with the receptionist was very simple and Cassie, was courteous, kind and professional.

My appointment was at 11 and I was in the dentist chair at exactly that time which is a rarity for most other dentists that I have seen. The service proved by both Dr. Reese and his assistants was again very professional and at the same time, very friendly.

The process of hearing the entire treatment and payment plan went very smoothly and gave me the opportunity to make various decisions about the course of and time of my treatment.

I highly recommend this dental service for any who are in need of such.

Joyce P.

This was the absolute best experience I’ve EVER had in my life when it comes to dental treatment. I hadn’t been to a dentist in years, because of horrible experiences in my past, which led to cavities, bone loss, decay and other dreadful things in my mouth that made me too embarrassed to smile with my teeth showing because I was simply ashamed of my dental hygiene. I brushed and flossed and used mouthwash twice a day but without going to the dentist to get professional tartar and plaque cleanings it wasn’t gonna do enough. But I was simply too terrified to go. But I had to go. Wisdom tooth wasn’t gonna let me slide by without professional help, among other things. I scoured the choices and I saw Ted Reese D.D.S. and their perfect score rating on google. I read some testimonials and decided to give them a shot. I am so glad I did! They are the most caring and understanding people I’ve ever dealt with. Always making sure if I was ok, felt ANY pain at all during my treatment and would make sure I didn’t feel any discomfort while they worked on my teeth. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to come here and you will not be unhappy with your choice! If you have a deep seated fear of dentists from growing up as a kid like I do, put your trust in Ted Reese and his team. They are the best! 10/10!

Josh H.

The staff does a great job and everything possible to calm my anxiety. I have MS so some of my muscle spasms could not be avoided but overall I had a good experience and would recommend Dr Reese to everyone I know. Thank you everyone!

Teresa A.

One of Dr. Reese’s hygienists did so well with my 2 year old daughter for her very first visit! Bethany was very sweet and made the experience enjoyable for both my daughter and I. I will definitely go back for our whole family’s hygiene care!


As a patient that has had a bad experience the past I can honestly say that Dr. Ted Reese and his dental team helped me to overcome a fear of having treatment completed. I did not feel Dr. Reese getting me numb and that was one of my biggest issues (feeling pain). The entire team is full of love and support for patients and each other; they treat you like family. They offered me many things to make my experience more enjoyable, going above and beyond to exceed my expectations. Thank you for helping me overcome some of my fears!

Jenny R., Greenwood

My experience was great. The staff is very friendly and made me feel appreciated as a customer. Dr Reese explained things well and respectful of my decisions. They use alternative healthful methods which is a plus in my book : ) I highly recommend them.

Charles R., Indianapolis

I have not been to the dentist in years. Dr. Reese and his staff made me feel very welcome. From the time I came in to the time I left was perfect. They had answered all my questions. Dr Reese and Stephanie was very caring in just want my teeth to look great. Looking forward to going back.

Jacquelyn D., Indianapolis

Walking in the door I instantly felt at home. The receptionist was very welcoming. I sat just a few minutes in the waiting room; which by the way is more like a living room than a waiting room. The lady that cleaned my teeth was very personable and gentle while cleaning them. Dr. Reese is awesome. They even took the time to give attention to another dental problem I was having that wasn’t planned for that visit. I was given a cost of the procedure before they began. Everything about the visit was perfect.

Vickie M., Indianapolis

There is not enough words to say how excited I am to have found Dr. Reese. I have had such anxiety for years when I would have to go to the dentist. That is why my teeth and gums were in such bad shape. But no more. Dr Reese and his staff made me feel so comfortable. The did not judge me. They understood how I felt and put me at ease. After Dr. Reese pulled my tooth there was no pain at all. Even when he was numbing me I never felt the needle. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about Dr. Reese he is wonderful.

Mary B., Fairland

“I had a procedure done yesterday which involved the removal of an old Mercury filling. Not only was everything explained in detail and questions answered prior to the procedure, but utmost care in the removal and disposal of any toxic material was state of the art, both in protecting themselves as well as me. There was no pain or discomfort and the procedure was handled in a most expedient manner. We have been patients of Dr Ted’s for 25+ years. He’s done all 3 of our children’s orthodontia and performed oral surgery both in removal of wisdom teeth and in an emergency bicycle accident after hours with our youngest child. He is always update on the newest procedures. He has my highest regard.”

Kimberly, Bargersville

“Worth the drive! I was very pleased with my first experience at Dr. Reese’s office! The dental hygienist was really nice and knowledgeable beyond what is the norm. I received a cancer screening for the mouth which I’d never had before. They had top of the line technology for cleaning and I left feeling very fresh and clean not just brushed and polished. I felt my gums were really nurtured and irrigated and that is my main concern now -gum care, not so much teeth. I like the fact that they have both a holistic approach yet still traditional in some beliefs. I felt I had the best of both worlds. Loved the products I bought as well including a water pic type machine that’s the best I’ve used and a mouthwash with essential oils that is very effective! Loved it!”

-Nancy G., Indianapolis

“When we moved to Indianapolis in 2007 we tried several different dentists and were not pleased with the level of care we received. Dr. Reese came recommended through a friend my husband met in South Africa who had gone to school with him at IU. His office is very clean and welcoming. His hygienists are friendly and professional. He is current on new procedures but doesn’t jump on the bandwagon just because it is a new way of doing the procedure. I would have no hesitation recommending him to my friends and acquaintances.”

-Beth C.

“I wanted to write a note to thank you for the exceptional service I received last week. I am so grateful to your staff for their gentleness, competency, and receptiveness to work with my unique challenges. Thank you again!”

-Lesly R.

“It has been many years since I had been to the dentist due to past experience. I definitely made the right decision to go with Dr. Ted Reese. He and the entire staff was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and have already. No more fear of the dentist for me.”

-James D.

“I was a new patient at the office yesterday, when I went in I was greeted with the sweetest greetings. I filled out the new patient paperwork and was back in the chair within 5 minutes. My cleaning went so well, I have always dreaded cleanings however, Jessica made this one go much more smoothly. Dr. Reese came in and did an exam and it went so well and he explained everything! I am very pleased to have found a new dentist!”

-Candis M.

“I had not been to a dentist for 35 plus years because of a bad dental experience when I was younger. I had a bad tooth and really needed to see a dentist. I found Dr. Reese who uses an IV sedation procedure for patients with my problem. I went to my appointment and found out I had a lot of problems than just the one tooth. Dr Reese assured me he could help and make me feel comfortable with the procedures I needed. After two visits using the IV sedation my mouth is in the best shape it has been in years. I had no pain, both during the visits and also during the recovery time. I am not done getting my teeth in shape but I am on the road and could not have done it without Dr. Reese and all of his great staff. I OWE THEM A BIG THANK YOU.”

-Donald C.

“As a very hesitant and inquisitive patient, I can say that Indianapolis Dentistry exceeded my expectations. Dr. Reese and his team were incredibly calm and ready to answer any question I had (even during my dental procedure!). I was referred to this dentistry by one I will not name in Carmel, IN after a mediocre experience. I stated my concerns with mercury in amalgams and when I asked the unnamed dentistry if they used a rubber dam, they nonchalantly said no. To fairly compare my polar experiences, I will leave this review saying that Stephanie and Dr. Reese made an unnerving procedure very comfortable and assuring. I appreciate this dentistry’s holistic approach and the genuine staff!”

-Lynsie H.

“Every experience I have had over the last three years has been very satisfying. Dr. Reese is fantastic and a very good Dentist- his techniques and skills are second to none. Customer service is world class! The office, the staff are very comforting and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Reese for all your dental needs.”

-Sean M.

“I had horrible teeth and was super embarrassed when I found Dr Reese. When I arrived for my first appointment and seen my name on the new patient board welcoming me I found that to nice and even, strangely enough, a little calming. I first met Heather at the front desk and she was super nice. I’m a very good judge of character and was expecting a “false” niceness if that makes sense, but it was all genuine! Next was the dental assistant, Beth (I hope that was her name. Remember I was there for the first time and super nervous) and she took me back and got me ready. I immediately told her my teeth were bad and it was mostly my fault for not taking care of them which she instantly told me I was not the only one and I had taken a big step by being in their office that day. She continued to calm me and took away my embarrassment. She was awesome. She shared with me things about her family and asked about mine. Not at all what I was expecting. Dr. Reese was amazing. He is a highly educated man but can explain things to a point where anyone can understand. He kept me informed of everything he was doing as well as making sure I was ok and not in pain the whole time. The only 2 shots I felt were at the roof of my mouth which he warned me about before he did it. As for the rest, I NEVER felt them. Any of them! I have no clue how that’s even possible. He would kind of gently shake my cheek before the shots, I think but like I said I never felt them. I knew I got them with the numbness that accompanies them lol. These people genuinely care about their patients and that blows me away. They don’t act like it’s a business at all (which it is). It felt like I personally knew people with a dentistry and they were the ones taking care of me. I’m just simply amazed at Dr. Reese and his entire staff.”

-Ricky O.

For over a year one tooth has been somewhat heat sensitive—enough to keep me from thoroughly enjoying my morning coffee. This morning, thanks to Dr Reese, I enjoyed my hot coffee at its best, with not a hint of pain. Thanks, Dr Reese, for the quick, and obviously effective, treatment!

-Scott C.