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Belva Trusts Dr Reese

What is your relationship with Dr. Reese?

"I worked for Dr. Reese for 17 years as a dental hygienist and continued coming as a patient after I retired."

Why do you keep coming back?

"I have seen his work and know that it is good. After substituting in other offices, I know that's not always true. I trust him."

Thousands of patients have trusted Dr. Reese for their dental needs in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call 317-882-0228 for an appointment.

Shayna Talks about Indianapolis Dentistry

"Dr. Reese was the first dentist that I've ever gone to consistently. Normally I just go for one visit and then I feel nervous or uncomfortable and then I'm like, 'Okay, I'm not going there again.' But I've been coming here for 2-3 years now and Dr. Reese is the only dentist that I've ever seen consistently.

He seems to really care about me as an individual, not just getting in and out, but just taking care of me and making sure my needs are met.

The most unexpected thing was that he - I was really nervous during one of my procedures and I just asked him to pray for me and he did - so that was really cool.

You guys are doing pretty good!" -Thanks, Shayna! Please call us at 317-882-0228 to schedule a visit!

Nancy Shares Her Story about Indianapolis Dentistry

"Dentist office visits when I was growing up were cut and dry - dentist was in, dentist was out - that's not the way it is here. They truly care about how you feel and if you're scared or if you're hurting."

Would You Recommend Dr. Reese?

"Definitely come to this office because if you are scared or apprehensive about going to a dentist of any kind or of having any work done, [Indianapolis Dentistry] takes care of you, do a good job. I've had the best care that I've ever had from a dentist before."

See all that your dentist can be by calling Dr. Reese at 317-882-0228.

Rob Talks about Indianapolis Dentistry

Testimonial: A Typical Visit to Dr. Reese's Indianapolis Dentistry

"Everything's a routine. You come in, you get treated right, you have a seat, fill out your papers, and the next thing you know, you're ready to go.

He has the girls do everything, preps everything, set everything just right. He steps in and explains everything thoroughly. He's good at it - very good at it. I like everything he does. He's good."

Everything in One Place

"I've had cavities refilled, fixed my bridge, he's done everything...they are the best, the best."

Smile. All your dental needs can be met by one dentist. Every need. Indianapolis Dentistry. Call 317-882-0228.

Mary Shares Her Story at Indianapolis Dentistry

“I had some pretty horrible dental experiences both as a child and as a young adult. I avoided, dramatically avoided going to the dentist until we were pretty desperate.

I came here from a recommendation and immediately all my fears were immediately removed. I’ve never been somewhere where they are as concerned about your comfort and no pain and just easing into it and explaining things.

I had a lot of dental work that had to be done and it was pretty intimidating, but it was one step at a time.

We have five children and my husband also comes here and we have extended relatives that now come [to Indianapolis Dentistry] all the way from California because they trust Dr. Reese and his experience and his education.

My kids absolutely love coming here. They really liked their dentist before. She was a lot of fun, a wonderful person.

On our side of town, we actually drive a half an hour to come down here because it’s such a great experience for all of them. They argue who gets to go first, that kind of thing. I think that’s a huge plus.

One wonderful thing too was to be able to have it all done in one office by the same person. The comprehensive care and the knowledge of the patient completely from beginning to end - none of it was lost - it’s all in the same place.

It’s a beautiful office and it’s very easy to get here from all points of Indianapolis. It’s definitely worth the drive for us.” -Mary

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Indianapolis Dentistry Caring Staff, Warm Environment

"Hi, and welcome to Indianapolis Dentistry. We’re so glad that you’re here with us today. We would like to take you on a little tour of our office.

We have a newly remodeled, beautiful, state of the art, comprehensive dental practice and we’d love to show you around.

We have a very fun play center for the kids that has lots of toys and lots of baskets of books. There are even things that the young ones can come in and safely play with.

If you’d like to come and check your email or just like us on Facebook, we’ve got a computer all setup and ready to go.

‘He’s always on time and I’ve never worried about being in pain or anything hurting. He’s taken good care of me.’

In these beautiful dental suites at Indianapolis Dentistry, you’re seated and can watch a TV, get something to drink.

This is the room that we are able to do anything from wisdom teeth, IV sedation, implantology, root canals, you name it can be done right here in this room while you sleep.

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we have the best staff. We have a wonderful, caring and concerned staff who love our patients and do everything they can to make your time here the best that it can possibly be.

Our back of the office is led by Brandon. He’s our lead assistance. Brandon is a very gifted assistant. He cares a whole lot about our patients and always makes you as comfortable as he possibly can.

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we have a kind, caring, and compassionate staff ready to take care of you."

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