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Teeth Evaluation

What Do Your Teeth Say About You

We wear our personalities with our smiles, the same way our teeth say a lot about us. Our teeth are the only things that carry the way we smile and one usually equates a sparkly, clean, white set of teeth with a happy person.

Your Teeth Reflect Your Age and Gender

Central incisors indicate one’s age while lateral incisors indicate one’s gender. Young people have rectangular-shaped incisors with rounded corners and as they become older, their incisors become square with squared corners, becoming short as well.  What Do Your Teeth Say About You

Women have more rounded lateral incisors that are slightly shorter that their central ones, often having a “gull wing” silhouette. Men have longer lateral incisors often as long as their central incisors.

Your Teeth Reflect Your Personality

Studies show that teeth grinders often exhibit an overly-aggressive personality with a competitive nature.

Teeth grinding also show deep-rooted frustration, anxiety or anger. 70% of teeth grinders suffer from anxiety or stress one way or another.

Your Teeth Reflect What You Eat

What you eat can stain your teeth. Coffee, wine, soda, candy and berries can stain your teeth but there are ways to manage this:

Your Teeth Reflect Your Status

Dental procedures can be costly, a root canal setting you back $1,000 per tooth. This is why big, white, sparkly teeth are often called Hollywood smiles and is often associated with wealth.

People also have the impression that white teeth can make one look younger, more attractive and even more employable.

While dental care can be costly if treatment procedures are done, no one can argue the worth of a perfect smile. This is why prevention is better than cure always. The more care you take of your teeth now, the less you will have to shell out for a stunning smile in the future.

**Information on this post is based on this infographic. You can view more infographics here.

Get Your Perfect Smile

The Indianapolis Dentistry lives by its motto: “Calming fears…creating smiles”. Dr. Reese is an Indianapolis Holistic Dentist specializing in IV sedation, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants – everything that can help you improve your smile or bring your smile back. You can browse through their Smile Gallery to see examples of finished smiles they’ve improved, but to view them “before and after”, please view their cosmeticorthodontic, or dental implant galleries. They are  located just north of Greenwood, Indiana in Southport, just five minutes south of I-465 on US 31 between I-65 and Highway 37. Call 317-882-0228 for an appointment now.



How Does Your Smile Score?

We have come a long way when it comes to caring for our teeth. Whereas before tooth extractions were the only solution to ANY dental problem and tooth decay and tooth loss rampant across all age groups, dental care has vastly improved thanks to advances in science and technology and taking an active stance on holistic care, putting great emphasis on preventive action rather than treatments. Many people still suffer from poor oral hygiene, tooth problems and gum disease. But knowing your risk factors can give your dentist a huge lead on how to properly manage your oral and dental care.

Smile Evaluation

By accomplishing a Smile Evaluation sheet, you can provide Dr. Reese valuable information to help you care for your teeth and map out needed treatments.

The questions are simple and straightforward. You can download the evaluation sheet here.

  • Take note of the appearance, color, arrangement and shape of your teeth when you smile.
  • Note any concerns about bad breath.
  • Note down any chipped, hidden or crowding teeth.
  • If you have any trouble with chewing, keeping your mouth closed or experience any pain in your mouth or jaw area, be sure to write that down too.
  • Mention any dental treatments you have received of in the past – fillings, tooth extractions, implants, bridges, etc.
  • Write down any changes you would like your teeth to have – whether it’s their color, shape or alignment.

Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. You can further discuss any concerns that you may have when you book an appointment with Dr. Reese. Call 317-882-0228 today.