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Same Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns in 2 Hours with our E4D Scanner and Mill

Same-Day Crown in 2 HoursLife is busy enough without having to make multiple trips to the dentist over several days. Now with digital dentistry you get lab-quality restorations in a single visit. First, we scan your tooth rather than take a conventional impression. Next, a custom restoration is designed to fit your unique smile. Then, your crown, filling or veneers are created with a state-of-the-art milling unit right in our office. The final restoration is placed in your mouth the same day.

How do same-day crowns work at Indianapolis Dentistry?

  • Digital Scans - The digital scanner uses state-of-the-art laser technology that is not only extremely precise but also as safe as the checkout scanner at the grocery store. Unlike conventional impressions that can be messy, unpleasant and cumbersome, a digital scan is clean, fast and comfortable.
  • Beautiful Results - The benefits of digital restorations go beyond same-day convenience. Your restorations will also look and feel completely natural. Digital precision means a perfectly comfortable fit. And, aesthetically, your metal-free restoration will match the look of your teeth for a beautiful, natural smile.

Beautiful Smiles Save time and enjoy the convenience of getting a crown made same-day in one visit at Indianapolis Dentistry. Dr. Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD will help you get the crown you need using the most advanced dental technology available today. Call 317-882-0228 to make an appointment.

How Dentistry is Going Digital

We are in the digital era where industries are going digital with their operations and administrative tasks. Most of you might be wondering how dentistry is going digital. First, we need to understand what digital means in the dental industry.

What is digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry may be defined in a broad scope as any dental technology or device that incorporates digital or computer-controlled components in contrast to that of mechanical or electrical alone.

Digital dentistry has been recommended to be integrated in dental clinics for better patient satisfaction and experience and more precision tooling.

How dentistry is going digital in the clinic

You might not notice but most innovations in dental clinics are digital. Indianapolis Dentistry uses these types of technology:

What are the advantages of digital dentistry?

  • Improved efficiency — both cost and time
  • Improved accuracy in comparison to previous methods
  • A high level of predictability of outcomes


You can see a video on how digital dentistry is implemented in a procedure.

Digital Dentistry is the Future of Dentistry

With proper implementation in the hands of qualified dental staff, digital dentistry can lead to better care for patients, increased efficiency in the dental practice and a great return of investment.

We at Indianapolis Dentistry believe that the merging of expertise and technology combined with a caring attitude towards our patients separate us from the rest. We continually keep abreast with latest technology and incorporate it in our clinic. We recently added a new E4D milling unit to custom-fabricate and cement a porcelain crown in just ONE visit!

Are there dark or grey areas at the bottom of your existing crowns? If you answered “Yes”, you may want to discuss the various options available to enhance your smile through cosmetic dentistry. Call us for a consultation at 317-882-0228 or email us.

New E4D Milling Unit

Same day crowns are possible with Indianapolis Dentistry! And we have a new E4D milling unit for it! Dr. Reese uses CAD-CAM technology to custom-fabricate and cement a porcelain crown in the same visit.

This pain-free procedure takes an image of your tooth, which is then sent to the PlanMill 40 crown-making machine for fabrication. The entire process can occur in one visit – saving you time, pain, and inconvenience.

Our new E4D milling unit is manufactured by Planmeca, a leading company on E4D technologies. They boast of superior technology in the products, from the inception of the original E4D CAD/CAM restorative system to the advancement and commercialization of technology to improve restorative dentistry. They also give education and hands-on training to companies who purchase their machines, even extending Support on Sight (S.O.S) when we need it.

PlanMill 40: E4D Milling Unit

The PlanMill40 designs quickly and conveniently with wireless connectivity and touch-screen operation.

Dual spindles simultaneously mill the latest metal-free materials (by leading manufacturers) on both sides of the restoration, with custom milling paths calculated for micron-precise accuracy. What's more, the automatic tool changer selects the appropriate bur and replaces worn burs automatically.

Here are some of the features of our new E4D milling Unit:

MATERIALS PlanMill 40 works with a wide range of advances materials such as IPS e.max™, Lava™ Ultimate, Telio™ CAD, & Zirlux™ FC Zirconia  New E4D Milling Unit

FIT Each material and restoration type has its own custom tool path for optimal accuracy and finish.

PROCESSING Integrated PC and included Job Server or stacking of jobs and complete control.

CONNECTION Wireless connectivity with Design Center.

AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER Automatically detects and replaces broken burs.

Are there dark or grey areas at the bottom of your existing crowns? If you answered “Yes”, you may want to discuss the various options available to enhance your smile through cosmetic dentistry. Call us for a consultation at 317-882-0228 or email us.

3D Printing Isn't New to Dentistry

The latest technology across all industries is 3D printing. In the field of dentistry and for most growing dental laboratory owners, digital dentistry is here to stay. 3D printing can make all sorts of manufacturing even cheaper and more efficient. In a dental setting, patients no longer need to go back (less visits-more care) to have crowns fitted as same-day crowns are available and are being offered because of 3D printing. While 3D printing might be a new technology for some, dentists have used it to make dental crowns for years.

What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work in Dentistry?

3D Printing takes digital designs to production.  It was common practice before that for crowns to get fitted and made a mold is first made and sent to the dental lab for shaping. Then a crown is formed and finished. This results in longer treatment period for patients. It is also more expensive. 3D Printing Isn't New to Dentistry

With 3D printing, instead of making a mold and sending it to a lab, dentists like Dr. Reese use a small camera to scan teeth directly. The digitized scan is then sent to a milling machine on-site that uses subtractive manufacturing. This machine carves the crown from a block of porcelain in about an hour. This is how same-day crowns are done. The patient doesn’t need to walk around for two weeks waiting for a crown to be finished, using a temporary filling.

Dentists are slowly phasing out the mold and middleman (labs), cutting down costs and length of time for treatment.

Indianapolis Dentistry Uses 3D Printing Technology

Dr. Reese uses computer-aided design (CAD) and subtractive manufacturing (CAM) milling technology to make CEREC crowns same-day, while you wait. There is no need to make two appointments or to come back to get your crown placed. Only one in ten dentists have this machine in-house. Dr. Reese makes sure he stays on top technology that helps him serve his patients better. Indianapolis Dentistry strives to make sure you will be provided thorough care in an efficient manner that minimizes your visits, time away from work or home, and minimal interruption to your schedule.

While this is the current technology, there may come a time when new dental technology can achieve the same result even faster. And what’s better is that this procedure is absolutely pain-free!

Dr. Reese’s Invitation to You

Do you have any dark or grey areas at the bottom of your existing crowns? If you answered “Yes”, you may want to discuss the various options available to enhance your smile through cosmetic dentistry. Experience the difference with a gentle, experienced doctor and staff who are concerned with your comfort and quality of care. Call (317) 882-0228 to make an appointment at our Indianapolis dental office, located just north of Greenwood, Indiana on US 31 in Southport.