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Indianapolis Dentistry June Newsletter

Message from the Dentist

Whenever June comes around, most people have the same reaction, “How come it is June already?”

Indianapolis Dentistry June Newsletter

It is the start of summer and it is the perfect time to take care of having your child’s wisdom teeth removed, especially for those who are set to go to college. Wisdom teeth normally start coming in during the high school and college years and can create painful experiences when they cause other teeth to alter their growth or in cases when infection sets in from a lack of cleaning due to the placement of the teeth.

Don’t wait for it become symptomatic (or painful). Wisdom teeth should be extracted before they cause any problems, but it is recommended that wisdom teeth removal happen when one is between the ages of 14 and 18. During this age, the roots have not finished forming and third molars can be extracted with a lower risk and faster or better healing. We have different sedation modalities to make your experience as calming, painless and trauma-free as possible. You can read about the experiences of our patients in our blog.

Product of the month: Sonicare toothbrush

I have been asked a lot of times what toothbrush I recommend and I always say that it’s really not the toothbrush that you use but how often you use and whether or not you are using it properly.

That being said, our dental office has been selling Sonicare toothbrushes for years because we have seen how effective they are and we know they work in cleaning teeth. You can a watch a video on how a Sonicare toothbrush compares to a normal toothbrush and see the difference.

Service of the month: Oral Surgery

Did you know Dr. Reese also can perform oral surgery in-office with IV sedation?

That’s right. Indianapolis Dentistry, led by Dr. Ted Reese, offers not only traditional oral surgery procedures, tooth extractions, and surgical removal of wisdom teeth, but also offers oral and dental surgery not offered in most oral surgery clinics. What you accomplish with multiple visits to different dentists and centers you can accomplish in one with us! We do oral surgery procedures with IV sedation. Contact us at 317-882-0228 for any inquiries.

May Newsletter

Message from the Dentist

After an extended winter and unusual spring seasons, I am sure that most of us are looking forward to summer. Summer means more outdoor adventures, trips to the beach and sports! If you or your loved ones play contact sports, don’t forget to wear mouth guards! I cannot stress how important it is to protect your teeth from trauma. Yes, I can handle emergency teeth cases but who would want to deal with all of the painful trauma if we could’ve just been extra careful?

We can create a custom fit for your child if you want. It maybe more expensive than the ones you buy in stores but a custom-made mouthguard has exceptional fit and rarely causes interference with speech and breathing. We design and construct them in our dental office – contact us for inquiries!

Product of the month: Ozonated Olive Oil

Since the warm season can also bring about sun burn and insect bites, we have a product in the office that not only helps prevent tooth decay, it can also be used for other conditions like the ones we previously mentioned! Ozonated olive oil works great for mouth sores, gingivitis, cuts, burns and wounds! Consider it your all-around ointment cream for just about anything.

Some even use it as dry toothpaste – brushing their teeth with it with no water. It acts like a disinfectant or mouthwash!

Service of the month: Invisalign

If you are an adult or have a teenager who is on the fence about getting braces, you should learn more about Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are a welcome option for adults who are conscious about wearing metal brackets. Treatment needs that are more complicated may still require the use of traditional braces, but ceramic, tooth colored braces hide the metal appearance. We had one of our dental staff try it out and she has written about her experience our blog.

Remember, straight teeth are healthy teeth! Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean with flossing and brushing, and may help prevent other health problems. Remember this when you consider getting orthodontic treatment.

April Newsletter

Dental Tip

Aside from regular dental check-ups, a healthy diet and consistent and proper brushing and flossing ensure that your teeth remain cavity-free. Use toothpaste that have nanoparticles to effectively kill bacteria, whiten your teeth and prevent cavities.

Personal Paragraph from the Doctor

I just got back from a vacation and one of the things I learned while on vacation was the value of rest. It’s so easy to keep going and feel you are giving it all you’ve got to your patients but the value you get when you take time for yourself and refocus and recharge is amazing. I am re-energized and looking forward to meeting new patients and taking care of your dental and oral health needs and problems.

Highlighted Service of the Month

Sedation dentistry has done wonders in dental practice. We can perform extended dental procedures in a period of time that won’t add stress to the patient. It has also helped phobic patients avail of dental care. Our clinic is well-equipped to carry out IV sedation administered by our highly qualified and experienced sedation dentist Dr. Reese. A sedative and narcotic drug is administered through an intravenous line to induce a controlled sleep state. Safety is guaranteed because vital signs are closely monitored. Dr. Reese has been doing IV sedation since 1985, that’s over 25 years of experience. He prefers IV sedation as additional vitamins can be easily supplemented to help the body recover faster. An example is when he does amalgam removals.

Highlighted Product of the Month

When using a mouth rinse or mouthwash, using one that contains alcohol strips not only the bacteria in the mouth but also the normal flora that helps keep your oral cavity healthy. It also leads to a dry mouth that can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Saliva is needed to help clean the mouth of bacteria. Use an alcohol-free Dental Herb Company Rinse that is formulated to reduce oral bacteria and fresh breath.

It contains precisely calculated proportions of pure essential oils and extracts of organically grown herbs that penetrate the mucous membrane resulting in greater potency and longer lasting effectiveness. Dentists use this tonic as a pre-treatment in prophylactic procedures to help control bacteria.

March Newsletter

Dental Tip

There have been many questions about dental implants and whether it is worth the investment. My answer to that would be a resounding yes! – provided that you take care of it. Taking care of dental implants can greatly increase the chances of having it last for a lifetime. Keep in mind that I will always explore every option to save your teeth and smile naturally and discuss every treatment you can have and let you decide. Keeping an open relationship with my patients include establishing an open communication about treatment and options. In this regard, I have listed the benefits of dental implants and answered commonly asked questions about the dental implantation process on our blog.

Personal Paragraph from the Doctor

I am looking forward to my trip to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada next month. I am going to attend the Spring Meeting of the members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Technology (IAOMT). The IAOMT takes a more biocompatible approach in dentistry – this just means we always seek, through research, studies and science, the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment of our patients, to do it while treading as softly as possible on our patients’ natural and biological make-up. The IAOMT has over 700 active members in North America, with affiliated chapters in fourteen other countries. The biological dentistry course will run from March 20th to 22nd and I am excited to learn about more ways to effectively and safely improve, treat and diagnose my patients’ oral health problems.

Highlighted Service of the Month

When tooth loss is inevitable and unavoidable, we offer several tooth replacement options catered to a specific need. Removable Denture Implants offer the best of both worlds; they offer to replace the bone loss dental implants replace while allowing wearers to remove them from time to time. This is a decided advantage for many patients with difficulty brushing and flossing teeth. Removable denture implants are also more adaptable since if you lose additional teeth, changes in the appliance can be made without having to replace it entirely. It is more affordable but long wearing too, effectively giving you what dentures and implants can give.

Highlighted Product of the Month

We at Indianapolis Dentistry Clinic are believers in taking an integrative approach to dentistry and this includes holistic approaches to caring for one’s oral health. Coconut oil pulling has been used for thousands of years to kill any unwanted bacteria residing in the mouth all the while leaving healthy probiotic stains that regular mouthwash rinses might remove. Coconut oil has a wonder substance called lauric acid that has antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The only other substance lauric acid is present is in a mother’s breastmilk! We highly recommend Skinny Coconut Oil, a 100% raw, extra virgin-coconut oil. The purer the coconut oil you use, the more toxins it can pull – just place 1 full tablespoon of coconut oil into the mouth (if it’s cold, allow the oil to melt) and then push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, and allow it to touch every part of your mouth except your throat. Do not swallow! Do it for 20 minutes everyday and see the difference it makes on your teeth.