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Laser Dentistry

Alternatives to Oral Surgery with Laser Dentistry

No one wants to have dental surgery, but when periodontal gum surgery is required, fortunately there is an alternative to conventional treatments. Instead of the dentist using a traditional scalpel and stitches, which can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, laser gum treatments are an alternative to oral surgery that provides patients with:

  • greater comfort
  • less bleeding
  • faster healing
  • better clinical results

Dr. Reese is practices alternative gum surgery in Indianapolis. He uses advanced dental lasers from the leading dental laser provider, Biolase. With two types of Biolase lasers to choose from (Epic and Waterlase), Dr. Reese is ready for any type of alternative periodontal gum surgery that you need.

What does a Biolase Epic laser do?

This type of laser is used for soft tissue or gum tissue needs. It can replace the need for scalpels and incisions which allows for a more controlled healing response and surgical correction of gummy smiles, frenectomies (relief from tongue tied, such as in the case of infants having trouble breast feeding), and crown lengthening to expose healthy teeth for proper restoration. It is also appropriate for disinfecting teeth and the preparation after decayed tooth structure has been removed.

Perio Gum Surgery with Biolase Laser Dentistry

What does a Biolase Waterlase laser do?

Waterlase is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools. Using laser and water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures without a shot or a drill.

This alternative gum surgery procedure is actually the preferred method to remove decay, disinfect the residual tooth surface of contaminants, and provide a surface to allow bonding or fusion with a resin or glass (porcelain) restorative material.

Unlike needle and drill dentistry, our Waterlase MD™ laser can perform many traditional dental procedures with fewer shots, less anesthesia, and in many cases, without pain." -Dr. Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD Learn more

If you're looking for perio surgery with Biolase lasers, Dr. Reese has the skills and years of experience to help you have as gentle and pain-free of an experience as possible. Please call 317-882-0228 to schedule an appointment.

What is Waterlase Technology?

If you suffer from dental phobia, have no fear! There are a lot of painless biological dentistry options nowadays and one of them is Waterlase technology!

What is Waterlase Technology?

Waterlase technology is a safe, gentle and painless alternative to traditional dental tools. Using laser and water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures without an anesthetic or a drill.

In a traditional drilling procedure a dentist uses the friction of a drill to treat affected areas of a tooth. The Waterlase system instead allows a dentist to use a water-energizing laser in combination with air and water to treat the targeted tooth, bone, or tissue.

Why use Waterlase technology?

  • Virtually Painless
  • Natural Water-Powered Dentistry
  • Safe and Precise - It removes very precise amounts of tooth, without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth.
  • More Convenient - multiple procedures in a single visit! This saves you and the dentist time and money!

Indianapolis Dentistry Uses Waterlase Technology

Dr. Reese use Waterlase technology in some dental procedures. For initial cavity preparation, it is often the preferred method to remove decay, disinfect the residual tooth surface of contaminants, and provide a surface to allow bonding or fusion with a resin or glass (porcelain) restorative material.

Procedures where Waterlase Technology is Used

  • Periodontal (Gum) disease treatment
  • Gum lifting
  • Gum Recession treatment
  • Abscess removal
  • Herpetic lesion removal
  • Biopsy
  • Crown Lengthening

Have a pain-free dental experience from Indianapolis Dentistry

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist for fear of the needle and drill, or just want a dental solution that is faster and more comfortable, stop delaying your dental treatment and ask for pain-free laser dentistry or inquire about our many sedation modalities we have available from pills and gas to relax you to full IV sedation.

Schedule an appointment today via email or by calling 317-882-0228.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Just as the invention of laser revolutionized medical science, lasers have been used in the field of dentistry since 1990. A fairly new industry, most people still ask this often, “Is laser dentistry safe?”

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Lasers can be used as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of dental procedures and are often used in conjunction with other dental instruments. Most people don’t even know that laser dentistry is being used even in dental cleanings!

Here are some of its uses:

  • reduce the discomfort of canker and cold sores.
  • expose partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • remove muscle attachments that limit proper movement.
  • manage gum tissue during impressions for crowns or other procedures.
  • remove overgrown tissues caused by certain medications.
  • perform biopsy procedures.
  • remove inflamed gum tissues and aid in the treatment of gum disease.
  • remove or reshape gum and bone tissues during crown lengthening procedures.
  • help treat infections in root canals.
  • speed up tooth whitening procedures.

If the dental laser is used according to the accepted practices by a trained practitioner, then it is as safe as other dental instruments. The American Dental Association (ADA) has released guidelines on the safety guidelines in using laser in dentistry while the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) has released their own guidelines.

How do I know my dentist is trained to practice Laser Dentistry?

Make sure that your dentist has participated in educational courses and received training by the manufacturer. Many dental schools, dental associations, and the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) offer dental laser education. The ALD is the profession's independent source for current dental laser education and credentials.

Laser Dentistry Offers Many Benefits

We have outlined a comprehensive list on the many advantages of laser dentistry and what type of equipment we use at Indianapolis Dentistry.

While lasers still remain a cutting-edge technology in the dental world, Dr. Reese feels completely comfortable using the tool and does so on a daily basis. If you are frightened by the use of needles and drills during your appointment, it would definitely help relax your experience with us if you switched to laser dentistry.

Schedule an appointment today via email or by calling 317-882-0228.