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Dental Spa

Our Indianapolis Dental Office

Our staff is highly trained and our focus is on patient care, comfort, and customer service. We LOVE our patients and provide dentistry in a caring and comfortable setting. We offer several amenities for your comfort including flat screen TVs in every room, a Coffee and Beverage Center, a warm and inviting Kid’s Waiting Area, special Movie Glasses, and Organic Hand Lotion with Relaxing Lavender Hand Treatments. Listen to music or watch a movie while our staff gives your teeth the attention they deserve. Relax with Bose noise reduction headphones for your comfort. Bring your iPod or use ours. We want our patients to always feel right at home!

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we focus on patient comfort and EXCELLENT dentistry. Do you fear going to the dentist? We also cater to those phobic patients who have avoided regular dental care and now find themselves in urgent need of gentle and thorough care. With sedation dentistry, patients WILL NOT remember their appointment! But they WILL wake up with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums. Calming Fears....Creating Smiles…that’s what we do at Indianapolis Dentistry!! Please call us at 317-882-0228 to make an appointment!

Indianapolis Dentistry Caring Staff, Warm Environment

"Hi, and welcome to Indianapolis Dentistry. We’re so glad that you’re here with us today. We would like to take you on a little tour of our office.

We have a newly remodeled, beautiful, state of the art, comprehensive dental practice and we’d love to show you around.

We have a very fun play center for the kids that has lots of toys and lots of baskets of books. There are even things that the young ones can come in and safely play with.

If you’d like to come and check your email or just like us on Facebook, we’ve got a computer all setup and ready to go.

‘He’s always on time and I’ve never worried about being in pain or anything hurting. He’s taken good care of me.’

In these beautiful dental suites at Indianapolis Dentistry, you’re seated and can watch a TV, get something to drink.

This is the room that we are able to do anything from wisdom teeth, IV sedation, implantology, root canals, you name it can be done right here in this room while you sleep.

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we have the best staff. We have a wonderful, caring and concerned staff who love our patients and do everything they can to make your time here the best that it can possibly be.

Our back of the office is led by Brandon. He’s our lead assistance. Brandon is a very gifted assistant. He cares a whole lot about our patients and always makes you as comfortable as he possibly can.

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we have a kind, caring, and compassionate staff ready to take care of you."

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Indianapolis Dentistry Vs. Chain Dental Practices

Wondering about how Indianapolis Dentistry stacks up against the competition? Here's a quick comparison of our family-owned and operated dental practice against other "chain" dental practices:



Open Monday: 8am - 5pm; Tuesday: 7am - 5pm; Wednesday: 8am - 5pm; Thursday: 12pm - 7pm; Friday: 9am - 5pm Open 7 days a week from 9 - 9pm
Emergencies Accepted! No Appointment Necessary
We file ALL Insurances and Care Credit is Available!   File “most” forms of insurance
1 hour Visit w/ Appointment; Usually NO second visit necessary Potential for Extensive Wait TimesLikely Necessitates Specialist Attention and an Appointment Elsewhere
IV Sedation Therapy Eases Stress and Allows You to Sleep Through Your Appointment with NO Downtime  
Spa-Like Office Amenities; Serving Keurig Coffee

Not only does Indianapolis Dentistry offer Emergency Dental Treatment and an identical service list, but at Indianapolis Dentistry we also offer:

- Laser Dentistry

- Oral Surgery

- IV Sedation Dentistry 

- Veneers

- TJM Care

- BruxGuards (made in-house)

- Invisilign and Braces

- Dental Implants for ALL Ages

- Relaxing Dental Spa Environment

- Free Keurig Coffee, TV, Internet, and Magazines/Newspaper So You Can Relax or Stay Up-to-Date  

Indianapolis Dentistry is unequivocally your ONE STOP dental office for everything from a pampered routine cleaning to more advanced surgical procedures.

Why spend the time visiting two or more dental offices when you can simply call Indianapolis Dentistry?

Indianapolis Dentistry’s prices are competitive with, if not lower than, impersonal, chain dental facilities, and by supporting ID you are supporting family run small businesses everywhere.

Come checkout a thriving dental practice owned and run by Dr. Ted ReeseIndiana’s most prominent and decorated dentists.

We look forward to meeting you!

(Serving Indianapolis, Greenwood, Franklin, Whiteland, Trafalgar, Mooresville, Martinsville, and Southport)

Keeping You Comfortable

We offer our patients these luxuries just in our waiting room alone! Stay tuned to see how we keep our patients comfortable in the appointment room and or during procedures. At Indianapolis Dentistry, our staff tries to offer our patients the most enjoyable experience. From our waiting room to the actually appointment and procedure, we have steps in place to insure the constant comfort and ease of our patients.

While most dental offices see their job as primarily caring for the teeth and mouth, we make it our job to see to the patient's whole body and well being. This not only means being fluoride and mercury-free, but also by creating a soothing, calm environment for your well being while in the office. That is why we provide the spa-like amenities we do such as the hand treatments, massage chairs, and warm towels.

In designing our waiting room, we wanted the patients to walk in the door and immediately feel comfortable and at home in their surroundings. From warm colors to plush furniture, our patients have no problem settling in to relax before their appointment. We have a small coffee and juice bar which we use to offer teas, coffees, juices and waters.

We serve children and adults, but not always at the same time. We realize that kids probably don't like hanging out at the dentist so we've designed our waiting room to be more relaxing for them too. Our kids play area features a lounge for the filled with toys and games. Kids can play or watch a movie while waiting for their parents or the doctor.

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A Trip to the Spa

20120613-160439.jpgA trip to the dentists office can sometimes be a bother. However, the Indianapolis Center of Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry has taken painstaking measures to insure both comfort and relaxation to our patients. We have tried to remove the 'dental office smells' associated to a clinic through the use of soothing fragrant oils. We also provide BOSE headphones to each patient in order to reduce noise. However, the most popular spa experience we provide are our hand treatments. At your request, we provide our patients with a moisturizing oil massage for the hands. There are several benefits from receiving the massage including: detoxing, de-stressing and moisturizing the hands. So next time you are in our office, try one of our beneficial hand treatments!