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Toothpaste Technology: Nanoparticles in Toothpaste

Nanotechnology might sound new to your ears, but you have probably used it in everyday products you encounter more than you think. According to, there are 800 commercial and household products that currently rely on nanotechnology. The Consumer Products Inventory lists more than 1,600 products that are identified by the manufacturer as containing nanoparticles. One of those products is the toothpaste you use!

Toothpaste Technology: Using Nanoparticles

Imagine a toothpaste that not only seeks out but actually repairs damage to tooth enamel, have antibacterial properties and whitens your teeth.  This may sound like a dream ten years ago but is now real thanks to nanoparticles found in some toothpaste products.  Toothpaste Technology: Nanoparticles in Toothpaste

Nanoparticles can assume very different chemical, physical and biological properties than their normal-sized counterparts.

Nanoparticles in Toothpaste

Hydroxyapatite: Cavity Filler

Scientists have learned to synthesize hydroxyapatite, a key component of tooth enamel, as nanosized crystals. When nano-hydroxyapatite is used in toothpaste, it forms a protective film on tooth enamel, fills in microscopic cracks and restores the surface in damaged areas. Dr. Reese loves Ha Nano Gel, a nano hydroxyapatite xylitol tooth gel that is an excellent alternative to regular toothpaste.

Silver: Bacteria Killer

Silver nanoparticles are proven to kill bacteria, reducing one’s risk for gum disease and bad breath caused by bacteria.

Titanium Dioxide: Teeth Whitener

Titanium dioxide’s high refractive index makes it easy to scatter light to create a very white product. This nanoparticle is widely used in toothpaste whitening products.

Safety of Nanoparticles in Toothpaste

Regulation laws state that products label nanoparticles in their list of ingredients. There are no testing requirements mandated by law that test their safety but research into the safety of nanoparticles in toothpaste and other everyday products is ongoing. Widely used silver nanoparticles are an area of particular concern, with studies showing that this substance could make its way from the mouth to accumulate other organs of the body. Scientists and researchers say though that safety regulations for nanotechnology are not far from happening in the near future. Nanotechnology has promising potential, which can be explored responsibly by utilizing its benefits while minimizing risks to human health and the environment.”

Your Choice of Toothpaste

When choosing your dental products, asking for a recommendation from your dentist ensures that you will not only use the best toothpaste but you will also be using the safest. Dr. Reese is a holistic Indianapolis dentist practicing integrated dentistry. This means he doesn’t only focus on your teeth and its problems and needs but also combines treatment in consideration with the whole body (holistic dentistry). His clinic carries his recommended dental products that when used along with regular dental checkups, can help keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy and prevent disease. He strongly believes in dental prevention, showing kids how to brush their teeth properly and teaching the importance of good food choices to promote dental health.

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