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A Question About Root Canals

Is a Second Root Canal Really Necessary? A Question About Root Canals

We had a patient come in last week with a toothache. Dr. Reese determined at that time she needed to have a root canal on a tooth that had previously been treated with endodontics. The patient called to say that she was really scared and didn't understand why she would need to have another root canal on the same tooth previously treated. This is a legitimate question and our front desk receptionist took it seriously.

Although initial root canal treatment should have a success rate between 85% and 97%, some do fail, primarily because of bacteria or infection. The front desk receptionist happened to have personally had a tooth treated with a root canal at another dentist that neeeded to be redone. She reassured the patient that can happen. She said that she trusted Dr. Reese wasn't just "saying" that she needed a root canal and really listened to the patient, giving her the needed extra reassurance that this was necessary. During the phone call she found out that she also had concerns over finances.

The receptionist recognized these concerns and explained our various payment options. The patient agreed to apply for care credit financing over the phone and she was able to get the finances needed for her appointment. The patient was able to be scheduled for treatment the next day!