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Indianapolis Pediatric Tongue Tie Frenuloplasty

Babies as young as one week old can have their tongue ties treated by Dr. Reese, a dentist who practices oral surgery in Indianapolis. Photo by Janelle Aby, MD; Stanford School of Medicine

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) happens when the string of tissue under your baby's tongue (frenulum) is too short. This occurs in approximately 4% of newborns.

The in-office procedure is safe and pain-free for the baby. The area is numbed and a small incision is made to perform the frenuloplasty.

Dr. Reese understands the benefits of breast feeding and that's why he has helped hundreds of children get better latches through frenuloplasty.

Not sure if your baby has a tongue tie or not? Find out what a tongue tie looks like. Still not sure? Call for an appointment with Dr. Reese.

Dr. Reese is a general dentist in the Indianapolis area who specializes in helping mother's with their babies in a calm, soothing environment.