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How to Avoid Infection of Dental Implants?

What causes dental implant infections and how can they be prevented? Bacteria Introduced in Oral Surgery

Most dental implant infections occur due to the introduction of bacteria into the mouth during or immediately after implant surgery. Be sure that:

  • your implants are being placed in a safe, hygienic, accredited surgical facility by a skilled dentist
  • your dentist is using dental implants of only the finest quality

Follow pre and post-operative instructions

  • Pre-emptive prescription of antibiotics for some days prior to surgery can help reduce the risk of implant infection. After surgery, most implant dentists will prescribe antibiotics and recommend the use of an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Daily cleaning of all the surfaces above and below the gumline is critical to preventing peri-implant disease.


Dental Implant Dentist in Indianapolis

Dr. Reese has placed over 1,000 dental implants in his entire career. He uses the highest quality biocompatible materials. Everything is done in Indianapolis Dentistry Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry – an actual oral surgery center! You can contact his office or call 317-882-0228 to schedule an appointment.