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Going to the Dentist Can be Scary

Going to the dentist can be scary. I know. When I go to the dentist, my hands grip the chair handles the entire time and my entire body is tense. Going to the dentist is not like going to the regular doctor. Dentists stick sharp instruments into your mouth and have dental drills as backup.

Scared of the Dentist in Indianapolis

Just thinking about what goes on during a root canal can be scary. First the tooth is drilled out, a filling is placed, and then a new crown is placed.

I don't like the thought of a dentist drilling out my teeth or shaving the enamel back, but that's what sometimes needs to happen for oral health.

Going to the dentist is my biggest fear. I literally was scared to even go near a dentist office. I have put off going to the dentist for years. After my visit with Dr. Reese and his staff I can tell you that my visit was so great. They have several things you can do if you are as scared as I was.The staff and the dentist are awesome and make you feel so at ease and really care about their patients. If I would have had know that the visit I had would have been so good I would have never waited so long. I appreciate their care and understanding. I am telling everyone that I can about the great experience I received from the staff and Dr. Reese and can not thank them enough for their compassion. I had a root canal and two cavities and felt nothing even the next day. If you are scared of the dentist please give them a try you will not regret it." -Lisa H., Indianapolis

Can a Dentist be Different?

That's why I like Dr. Reese. He practices biomimetic dentistry, which is minimally invasive. If he can preserve the tooth in any way, he will.

But Dr. Reese doesn't want you to need a root canal. He wants you to prevent cavities by limiting sugary drinks and practicing good oral hygiene.

If you're ever injured and have an emergency, that's different, but what I'm talking about is just brushing your teeth. Flossing. The basic stuff.

For some people, despite a change in behavior later in life or because of a genetic disposition, they have major teeth problems. Dr. Reese can help them too.

Dental Solutions for Phobic Patients

Sometimes the reason you haven't gone to the dentist in a long time is because you're afraid. I understand that completely. I'm scared too.

By the time you do go to the dentist, the problem is usually so bad you can't avoid it. Your gums are tender or you've got a bad toothache.

Dr. Reese is a calm, patient, sedation dentist that has helped thousands of people just like you get the dental care they need despite their past.

He is not going to yell at you or chastise you for not brushing your teeth. He is going to be honest with you and work with you to solve the problems.