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Cinnamon Essential Oil for Oral Health

Today we complete our oral health series on essential oils by reviewing cinnamon essential oil. Yesterday we talked about eucalyptus essential oil and how it can kill cariogenic and periodontopathic bacteria, but today we're discussing cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon Essential Oils

Traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Egyptians are both known to have used cinnamon essential oils. According to Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs, cinnamon contains substances that kill fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms, including those that cause botulism, staph infections and aflatoxin.

Recent research conducted in New Zealand (Filoche SK, Soma K, Sissons CH., 2009) showed that cinnamon essential oil has the greatest antimicrobial potency against streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, and lactobacillus plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible in gum disease.

A 2010 clinical trial published in the journal "Food and Chemical Toxicology" by Mehmet Unlu and colleagues from the faculty of medicine at Cumhuriyet University in Sivas, Turkey, demonstrated that cinnamon bark oil effectively destroyed 21 different types of bacteria in the laboratory.

Professor Yiannis Samaras and Dr Effimia Eriotou also found cinnamon oils to be particularly efficient antibacterial agents against a range of Staphylococcus species.

How to Use Cinnamon Essential Oil for Oral Health

Rinsing with diluted cinnamon oil after you brush your teeth, or using a toothpaste that includes cinnamon essential oil as an ingredient, might help you kill harmful bacteria and prevent cavities. Another way to use cinnamon essential oils is to make a rinse using coconut oil or after brushing, add a few drops to your toothbrush and gently brush teeth and gums.

Always see your dentist for serious gum disease. Cinnamon essential oil should only be used as a temporary way to treat gum disease. Your best remedy is to see your dentist. If you are in the Indianapolis area and you have gum or dental pain, consider calling Dr. Reese, a holistic dentist at Indianapolis Dentistry. Dial 317-882-0228 and ask for an initial consultation.