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Ceramic Dental Implants in Indianapolis

Dr. Reese Takes Dental Implants to a New Level with Ceramic Dental Implants

Respected dental implantologist, Dr. Reese has begun offering patients Z-Systems Zirkolith Ceramic Dental Implants, providing even better, more advanced care for patients around Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Ceramic Dental Implants
Indianapolis Ceramic Dental Implants

Dr. Reese has announced an offering to our most discerning patients: Z-Systems Ceramic Dental Implants.

In an effort to provide an even greater level of care for all patients, Dr. Reese has become one of a select group of doctors to offer Z-Systems ceramic dental implants (also called zirconia implants and zirconium implants, zirconium oxide implants, and metal-free dental implants).

By offering metal-free implants, Dr. Reese has shown an even greater level of commitment to providing the best possible care to all current and future patients. Through continuing education and advanced research, Dr. Reese has positioned Indianapolis Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry at the forefront of dental care in Indianapolis, Indiana.

To learn more about Z-Systems Zirkolith ceramic dental implants and how they are helping people all across the world enhance their health and their smile, please contact Dr. Reese at 317-882-0228.