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Do Braces Affect Singing?

You or your child may be considering getting braces. You may be wondering how it will affect their singing voice, or even their everyday speech.

I am getting braces and I'm a very good singer. I'm concerned that if I get these braces that my voice will be altered. What do I want to know to be prepared?"

Having braces is temporary and you will be able to compensate for any changes in the cheeks fairly easily, but the question you want to ask is, "What will my voice sound like when my teeth are in their new permanent position?"

The good news is that when it comes to braces and singing, the result is always a positive outcome. With a wider arch, broader palate, and straighter teeth you will be singing with a fuller tone and better timbre.

Which is better for singing, traditional metal braces or ceramic braces?

  The choice between ceramic or metal braces makes no difference whatsoever in the treatment or their effects on the mouth. Braces will not affect the voice but will take up space where the cheeks and lips rest against the teeth. This might affect singing with respect to mouth movements but not the voice per se.

Are there any alternatives to traditional metal and ceramic braces?

  There is an alternative to braces called Invisalign. It involves moving teeth by wearing a sequence of clear plastic trays over the teeth that are removable, thus allowing the patient to remove them when necessary, such as singing.  

Will Invisalign affect the way I sing?

While you wear them, your voice may be slightly affected, but you can remove them for performances or if you need to speak publicly.

Training with them may actually be a good exercise as it will require adjustment which the brain does automatically, which makes you that much more versatile a singer. Position and room for the tongue is key when singing. Invisalign can optimize these aspects.

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