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What are Bar-Retained Dentures?

Bar Retained Dental Implant DenturesBar-retained dentures are a type of implant-supported dentures called "overdentures". They are more secure and a better fit than traditional dentures which can slip and wear down your gums.

What can I expect from a dental implant overdenture?

A denture supported by dental implants will be far more stable than a traditional removable denture. Patients will find everyday tasks easier. They will find speaking easier. They will also not be concerned that their denture may fall out or become loose.

Patients report being able to eat foods they have not been able to eat in years, but a word of caution: you may still want to avoid sticky or very hard foods as you can damage the denture with these types of food.

Are there any advantages to dental implant overdentures?

A big advantage to having dental implants support the upper denture is an Indianapolis dentist like Dr. Reese can make your denture much less bulky. A traditional denture covers your entire palate whereas a 'dental implant'-supported denture does not need that extra material for support.

A whole new world has opened up with dental implants for both patient and dentist. The old compromise and limitations are slowly being worn away. We are entering a new world of dentistry and dental implants are leading the way!"

How do I get bar-retained dentures in Indianapolis?

Dr. Reese will have a thin metal bar custom-fabricated for your mouth. This bar will follow the curve of your jaw and is attached to 2-5 dental implants that have been placed directly into your jawbone. Attachments are fitted to the bar, the denture or both. The denture is then designed to fit directly over the bar stabilized by the attachments. The dental implants along with the bar and attachment gives the denture support and stability.

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