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Should Amalgam Fillings Be Replaced?

Silver (amalgam) fillings contain mercury and some people are concerned that some of the mercury could be released, causing health problems. While no controlled studies have been published demonstrating systemic adverse effects from amalgam restorations, we choose not to place amalgam fillings and will replace amalgam fillings when necessary. Silver Amalgams

Why We Don't Use Silver Fillings

Unlike Titanium, the amalgam alloy does not bond with your teeth. This leaves the tooth susceptible to cracking. Instead we use biocompatible composite filling materials.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

  • Cosmetics and aesthetics – composite fillings blend in naturally
  • Smooth and bonded margins- less plaque accumulation means less recurrent decay
  • Minimally invasive - less tooth structure must be removed to make room for the filling
  • Easily repaired - any chips can easily be repaired seamlessly with surface roughening and addition of composite
  • Reinforces remaining tooth structure - prevents cracks and fractures with repeated chewing
  • Seals - since the filling bonds with the tooth, the dentin is sealed from future decay

Is Silver Amalgam Removal Safe?

It can be if done by a dentist skilled in the safe removal of amalgam fillings. Dr. Reese, an Indianapolis dentist, has the specialized equipment required to safely and effectively remove mercury amalgam fillings. In addition, he also supplies a Vitamin C IV to help capture any free radicals that may enter the system during surgery.