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6 Ways to Avoid Breaking or Cracking Your Teeth

Your teeth can be repaired by a dentist, but it's best to prevent them from being broken or cracked in the first place. While it can happen by accident, there are some habits that you can avoid that will help prevent your teeth from being broken or cracked. Chewing on Ice

  1. Chewing on ice - while ice is sugar-free and won't lead to tooth decay, it is hard enough to chip or crack your teeth and so you should avoid chewing it to help protect the integrity of your teeth.
  2. Playing sports without a mouthguard - contact sports can chip or crack teeth without a mouth guard. A custom mouthguard made by a dentist is the best type of mouth guard for your teeth.
  3. Chewing hard candy - suckers or hard candy like Jolly Ranchers are like ice - they are hard enough to crack or chip your teeth. Avoid biting on them too early or avoid them altogether as a snack.
  4. Tongue or lip piercings - accidentally biting the metal in your tongue or lip can crack your your tooth. If you have a tongue or lip piercing, you might want to take it out while eating.
  5. Opening things with your teeth - use an appropriate tool instead to avoid cracking or chipping your teeth. Plastic bags can be opened with scissors and bottles can be opened with bottle openers.
  6. Chewing on pencils or pens - if you do this while you work, you're at risk for cracking a tooth. If you chew on ice or other things to relax, consider chewing on sugar-free gum instead.

Chewing on a Pencil

If you've already cracked or chipped your tooth and you think it's a dental emergency, contact your local dentist. If you're in the Indianapolis area you can call or page Dr. Reese. Not only does he have his own practice on the south side of Indianapolis, he's also registered as a hospital dentist.